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Productivity Scientific GTD Timer is the World's first software countdown timer entirely focused on GTD (Getting Things Done) approach. Main features: - Simple but powerful user interface optimized for ergonomics and keyboard keystrokes - Built-in presets including support for David Allen's GTD Two Minute rule and Pomodoro Technique - Supports countdown and stopwatch modes - Highly configurable for custom needs - Supports multiple running copies at a time - Powerful actions included - Allows to count overtime, automatically restart or exit application - Supports launching from command line with command-line parameters - Shows time countdown in System Tray and in a floating window - Configurable to play sound, display message or run command when countdown finishes - Countdown may be paused, stopped or restarted - Time tracking features Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1 Usage scenarios: - Stay focused on your tasks with Pomodoro Technique - Track time spent on any activity - Use GTD Two-Minute rule in your work - Use the timer to limit time budget for any task - Watch time left for completion of some particular task (presentation, auction, rest break, working day) - Use the timer as a personal reminder, alarm clock, stop watch oven timer or egg timer - Run commands at a specified time (shutdown PC, navigate to links, run programs)

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